Airsafe LED PAPI: Outstanding performance to grant the safest pilot guidance on the approach operations, with the most sophisticated LED technology, achieving the following features


Best optical design in the market

Based on the camera principle the Airsafe LED PAPI unit provides a really narrow transition area (pink area) fewer than 1,2 minutes of arc, while FAA requires 3 and 5 minutes of arc for the centre and edge of the beam, respectively.


Three sets of angle management systems

Ensure that PAPI angle can be retrieved in any case.

  • Integrated digital clinometer with 4 modes of operation:
    • C – Calibration.
    • A – Normal operation.
    • F – Storage mode.
    • E – Error when abnormal system conditions.
  • The chromaticity of the red and white area is pure, especially red, reaching CIE x+y>0.999 while ICAO requires 0,980 and FAA requires 0,998.
  • Intelligent electrical control system can automatically turn off the light in case of abnormal conditions.
  • Anti-condensation design inside and outside the PAPI unit grants the optical performance will be accurate under any weather conditions:
    • Internal cooling to condensate and evacuate water vapor when the ambient humidity is high.
    • Lens heater to dissipate condensation of the lens when the ambient temperature is too low.

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